Video: Can I Recycle That? Metal Containers

Learn how to recycle metal containers.

Video: Can I Recycle That? Metal Containers


Are metal containers recyclable? Short answer: yes. Learn how to recycle metal containers in this short video.


Can I Recycle That? How To Recycle Metal Containers


It’s easy to recycle empty metal food containers, such as steel or tin cans. They’re accepted in most recycling programs. If they’re clean, just toss them in the bin. It’s better not to fully crush or flatten them, just a little squeeze to help the lid from falling out. Rinse them if they’re gooey. Recycling machines don’t like goo, and pests do.


Not all metal is safe to be recycled. Can lids are OK, but sharp tools should never go in recycling or trash. They could cause serious injury to workers or equipment. Instead, donate, repair, repurpose, or sell those items to a salvage company. Never dispose of medical needles in recycling or trash either. The same goes for metal containers of toxic or flammable materials. Check locally to find out where you can safely dispose of these items.


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Can I Recycle That? Metal Containers

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