Can I Recycle That? Mixed Paper

Most of the time!

Can I Recycle That? Mixed Paper


Is paper recyclable? Short answer: most of the time. Watch this video to learn how to properly recycle mixed paper products.


Can I Recycle That? How to Recycle Mixed Paper


Paper is everywhere. Things like newspapers, printouts, magazines, and cereal boxes are considered mixed paper, and they are definitely recyclable. Color or black and white! And what about envelopes? Yup, recyclable, so don’t let those tiny windows throw you off. Paper takeout food containers can sometimes be recycled, too. But only if they’re clean, dry, and empty.


So, what’s not recyclable? Metal foil or plasticized gift wrap, packages of combined paper and plastic, and paper with a thick coating or a laminate. Thin, weak paper like napkins, paper towels, and tissue paper should stay out of your bin, too. Formed pulp, sometimes used in things like egg cartons, is not always accepted. But they can be composted and are often made of recycled content too.


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Can I Recycle That? Mixed Paper

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