Challenge Students to Complete This Recycling Crossword Puzzle

Put your knowledge to the test!

Challenge Students to Complete This Recycling Crossword Puzzle


This fun and free printable recycling crossword puzzle is a terrific addition to a science unit on going green. Use it as an introduction or as a clever way to review.


Recycling Crossword Puzzle Clues and Answers

These are the facts kids will learn or review with this crossword.



2. Purchasing products made with recycled materials is a great way to go ____ (GREEN)
4. By recycling three plastic bottles a month, each household in the nation can help divert 23 million pounds of plastic from ____ (LANDFILLS)
7. Recycling helps make our ____ a cleaner, greener place (PLANET)
8. This green holiday is on April 22 every year: ____ (EARTH DAY)
9. Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough ____ to power a television for up to four hours (ENERGY)



1. Recycled ___ often go on to become second generation products such as t-shirts, bags and new bottles (MATERIALS)
3. ___ your local community by inviting them to join you in your recycling efforts (ENGAGE)
5. We can help reduce our carbon ____ and make an impact just by making recycling a part of our everyday lives (FOOTPRINT)
6. You can recycle aluminum cans and ____ #1 PET or PETE containers through the Recycle Rally (PLASTIC)


Recycling Facts and Information

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