Free Printable: Recycling Buttons or Badges for Your Students

A fun incentive for your students!

Free Printable: Recycling Buttons or Badges for Your Students


Save and print these fun and colorful recycling buttons for your students! If you have a button maker, you can use this design in most machines. If you don’t, print these recycling buttons on cardstock and laminate … or use sticker paper instead.


More Ways to Reward Top Recyclers


Recycling is good for our communities and the planet, so it’s really its own reward. But we all know that kids can use some extra incentive to get started! Here are some more Recycle Rally rewards your students will love, along with ideas on how to get them excited and engaged.


How Program Leaders Use Recycle Rally Rewards in Their Schools: A round of up inspiring stories from program leaders to help you push your school community’s recycling to reach new heights.


Recycling Punch Cards: These free printable recycling punch cards reward kids for doing good every day! Make one punch on the cards each time a student brings in 10 recyclables. Let students trade in completed cards for homework passes, extra recess time, school store items, and other rewards.


Recycle Rally Reward Guide: Earn points when you participate in Recycle Rally and report your efforts. Then, cash them in for cool prizes! Learn how it all works in this guide.


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