Free Printable: Recycling Pledge Forms

What is your recycling pledge?

Free Printable: Recycling Pledge Forms


Invite students to make a promise to go green with these free printable recycling pledge forms. There are several versions to try, including one that kids can color in!


Not sure what to write on your recycling pledge forms? Check out our free printable pledge poster for ideas. Tip: Hang the poster on a wall and have kids add their own pledge forms around it for a motivating display!


More Recycling Inspiration


Looking for more ways to involve and engage students? Try some of these activities and resources.


Recycle Rally 30-Day Zero-Waste Challenge: Ready to help kids learn how to be changemakers? This 30-Day Zero-Waste Challenge gets kids thinking about their waste habits every single day. It’s full of small ways to make a difference, helping build a low-waste recycling lifestyle that will stick.


Recycling Playbook for Teens: This guide has everything teen leaders need to independently set up and manage a recycling program.


Monthly Recycling and Sustainability Activities: Don’t wait for Earth Month in April to go green. Start your classroom off with this monthly curated list of some of our Recycle Rally favorites.

Pledge Form - Bottle

Pledge Form - Color-It-In

Pledge Form Full Color

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