Free Recycling Coloring Page: Simple Acts, Big Impact

Simple acts, big impact.

Recycling might seem like a simple act, but it has a big impact. Teach students this important concept with this free coloring page. Use it to hold a coloring contest, or decorate your school hallways with the inspiring message.


Want to help kids really understand the “Simple Acts, Big Impact” concept? Try the 30-Day Zero-Waste Challenge. Students will discover lots of small actions they can take, like carrying reusable water bottles or not using plastic straws when they drink. They’ll also learn about fun ways to make a difference, like taking a recycling selfie or packing a zero-waste lunch.


More Creative Recycling Activities


Enjoyed this recycling coloring page? Try some of these other recycling activities that also encourage creativity.


Bottle Cap Mosaics

Use bottle caps to create a colorful mosaic. Students can make their own mosaic, or you can all create one together as a class or school. Design one to celebrate recycling or represent your school mascot.


Pop-Top Bracelets

Before you recycle them, pull the pop-tops off your aluminum cans. Then, weave them together with ribbon to make colorful bracelets. Make them in your school colors for a fun way to show your spirit!


Plastic Bottle Flower Chains

Decorate your classroom inexpensively with colorful flower chains. They’re easy to make from plastic bottles and a little paint. Craft them in colors and styles to match the seasons, and you can hang them year-round.


Upcycled Sign

Nothing spells eco-friendly like finding ways to reuse and reduce waste. To make an upcycled sign for your classroom or recycling station, all you’ll need are some basic craft materials, cardboard, and your creativity.


Plastic Bottle Ukulele

Grab a sturdy plastic bottle and make a few alterations to turn it into your very own ukulele. Kids will have tons of fun making music on their upcycled instrument.




Simple Acts Coloring Page

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