Free Recycling Poster: Simple Acts, Big Impact

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Recycling might seem like a simple act, but it has a big impact. Teach students this important concept with this free recycling poster. It’s a beautiful way to spread the word about your school’s commitment to going green.


Want to help kids really understand the “Simple Acts, Big Impact” concept? Try the 30-Day Zero-Waste Challenge. Students will discover lots of simple actions they can take, like carrying reusable water bottles or not using plastic straws when they drink. They’ll also learn about fun ways to make a difference, like taking a recycling selfie or packing a zero-waste lunch.


More Ways To Spread the Word


Recycling Magic: This free recycling poster reminds us all that recycling turns things into other things, just like magic!


Classroom Door Kit: Turn your classroom door into a recycling information center. This collection of free printables includes art and text, plus a selection of recycling facts you can change in and out day by day.


Printable Recycling Bookmarks: Print these bookmarks on card stock and pass them out to reward star recyclers at your school. Four different designs let kids know that simple acts can have a big impact.

Simple Acts Big Impact Poster

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