Inspire Your Students to Participate in Recycle Rally!

Is your school ready to rally?

Is your school ready to rally?! If your school has signed up for the Recycle Rally program, you may want to share this introductory video with students. Get the excitement going at the beginning of the school year, or use it as a motivator year-round! This video humorously addresses all the cool benefits of participating in Recycle Rally, such as:


  • Accessing fun games and DIY projects.
  • Earning reward points.
  • Assessing your school’s recycling impact as compared to metrics like weight, energy saved, and greenhouse gas offsets.
  • Showing how our small acts add up to big impact.

Great for an assembly or recycling kick-off event, this video will surely pump up the crowd! At the end of the video, recruit student helpers to build your recycling or green team.

Let's Get Ready to Rally!

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Recycle Rally is a free K-12 program that provides rewards and tools to help enhance recycling at your school!

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