Kids Can Test Their Recycling Knowledge With This New Game

If you’ve begun a recycling program at your school or just want to see if your students know the basics about what they can recycle, this is the perfect game for them to try. We’ve created a K-8 recycling game that runs in a slideshow!



Here’s how to play

First, download the PPT below. You can either play it in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Next, open the game and click (Slide Show) on the app menu, then click “start at beginning.” The game will pop up, and your students can begin. They’ll be asked the question: What can you recycle? and be given three items to click on. Only one of the items can be recycled. Students will love to see what they already know or have learned!


What can I pair this game with for deeper learning?

Here are some resources that really compliment this game:


Learn more about your local recycling program

After your students play this game, they might be interested to discover that recycling laws are different in every state and sometimes in every community! Help your students research the recycling possibilities where you live. Who knows? You might just be building the next generation of environmentalists.


Learn more about  Recycle Rally, right here. You can get free recycling printables, games, resources, and more. Plus, you could earn recycling bins for your school!


How do we sign up for Recycle Rally?

Want to know more about the Recycle Rally program and how your school can participate? Be sure to check out their school recycling FAQs! Certain items qualify for reward points from Recycle Rally. Take a few moments to get familiar with the materials Recycle Rally accepts.

What Can you Recycle_ Game

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