Lesson Plan: Zero-Waste Campaign

Students learn how zero-waste thinking offers hope for the future and create their own campaign.

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Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally has partnered with EcoRise to bring you comprehensive, hands-on lessons focused on waste and recycling for grades K-12. This lesson challenges students to put what they learn into practice by creating their own zero waste campaign. Access the free lesson plan by clicking on the link below!




Lesson 5.1: Zero Waste Campaign


In this lesson written for grades 7-8, students examine how traditional thinking about waste management has created a global waste management crisis. Then they learn how a new way of thinking—zero-waste thinking—offers hope for the future. They then review how the 5 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle, rot, reflect) can help communities develop a zero-waste mindset. Finally, students implement a zero-waste initiative at the school to put what they’ve learned into practice.


Estimated time needed: 50 minutes, plus additional time planning, launching, and assessing the value of the campaign.


All lessons are mapped to CCSS, NGSS, EFS, and TEKS standards.




Students will be able to…

  • Explain why solid-waste management is a global issue.
  • Describe a traditional production/consumption cycle.
  • Describe a zero-waste production/consumption cycle.
  • Explain how the 5 R’s can help a community get closer to zero waste.
  • Plan a zero-waste campaign to spread awareness about waste habits on campus.


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