Lesson Plan: Don't Waste Lunch!

Invite students to learn how their school lunches can be made waste-free!

Author: Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally has partnered with EcoRise to bring you comprehensive, hands-on lessons focused on waste and recycling for grades K-12. Your students will love learning about how they can help the planet by bringing a waste-free lunch to school! Access the free lesson plan by clicking on the link below.




Lesson 2.3: Don’t Waste Lunch


In this lesson written for grades 1-2, students learn that a simple school lunch can generate a lot of waste. They take a close look at a typical lunch they bring from home and compare it to lunches that produce a lot of waste and lunches that produce no waste. Then they think about how they can reduce, reuse, and recycle to improve their current waste habits. The lesson concludes with students decorating a letter to take home to spread awareness about sustainable lunch-packaging practices.


Estimated time needed: 45 minutes


All lessons are mapped to CCSS, NGSS, EFS, and TEKS standards.




Students will be able to…

  • Analyze the packaging of a school lunch to see how much is reusable and how much is disposable.
  • Describe how to reduce the amount of waste in a typical school lunch.
  • Make changes in their habits to reduce personal waste production.


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