Quiz Your Students on Their Recycling Knowledge With This Fun Game

Compete to win...and learn!

Quiz Your Students on Their Recycling Knowledge With This Fun Game


In this recycling quiz game, students select from a variety of categories to test their recycling knowledge. The PowerPoint format makes it incredibly easy to use!


Prepare to Play


1. Watch and Learn

First, show your students these videos so they’ll learn what they need to answer some of the questions.

2. Select Team Players

Evenly divide students into 5 teams. Students should sit together in a group in order to consult on the correct answers. The first team to quietly get themselves in a small group will play first.


3. Begin Game

Open the recycling quiz game PowerPoint file and put it in “Presentation Mode.” Click past the instructions screens to open the game board.


How to Play


1. Let the first team choose a category and point value. Click their choice to go to the question screen. Click until the question displays.


2. Set a timer for 30 seconds or 1 minute to allow the team to discuss and answer the question.


3. Once the team has answered, click the question one more time for the official answer to appear. If the team answered correctly, give them the appropriate number of points.


4. Click on the white arrow on the bottom of the screen to jump back to the scoreboard for the recycling quiz game to continue. (Questions that have already been answered will now appear gray instead of blue.)


5. Some questions have a chance for a bonus question. If the bonus box appears, click it to open the question. All teams have the opportunity to answer the question for 10 points each.


6. Play until all the questions have been asked and answered (or until you run out of time). Add up the points and award the winning team!


Love this game? Try free printable Recycle Bingo too!

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