Recycling eBook: The Four R's

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot!

Author: Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally

The Four R’s are the four main responsibilities of keeping the planet clean, safe, and free from waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot help us conserve our limited resources and increase the quality of life for all of Earth’s inhabitants! This free Recycling eBook intended for grades 3-5 is a great way to introduce these topics to young students. It also serves as an opportunity to start meaningful conversations around how our small acts can make a big impact.


Students can take a self-guided tour of the interactive Recycling eBook and learn on their own! Alternatively, teachers or parents can also lead students through it.


The Recycling eBook includes:

  1. Detailed descriptions of each important “R”, the science of recycling, and how the 4 R’s relate to our future and local communities.
  2. P.O.P (Preserve our planet) quizzes relating to each topic.
  3. Videos, articles, and fun facts.
  4. Detailed infographics.
  5. Tips for students to include the 4 R’s in their lives.
  6. A Teacher’s Corner that provides resources and lesson plans to reinforce the topics even further.


Here’s an example of the “Recycle” page. To access the entire eBook, click the button below.



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