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Learning all about recycling and environmental sustainability can be super engaging when it involves play. That’s why we created these game-based Kahoot! quizzes to go with much of the content in our resource library. These online interactive games help learners consolidate their lessons and process what they’ve learned. Explore the Kahoot! collection curated by the Recycle Rally Resource Library.


What Is the Life Cycle of a Recycled Aluminum Can?

After you learn what happens to an aluminum can after you drop it into the recycling bin, take the Kahoot! quiz to see how much you remember. Try out the other Kahoot! quizzes on this page as well!

the Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can PDF image with Take Kahoot! Quiz written on it


Discover the History of Recycling

Research all about the history of recycling, then take this Kahoot! quiz to see what you remember.


Amazing Recycling Facts

Learn all about amazing recycling facts you probably didn’t know, and then take this Kahoot! quiz.


What Is the Lifecycle of a Recycled Plastic Bottle?

Find out what happens to a plastic bottle after you drop it into the recycling bin, then take the Kahoot! quiz to test your memory.

What Is the Life Cycle of a Recycled Plastic Bottle?


Let’s Talk Recycling

You’ve been talking and thinking about recycling, now find out what you really know by taking the Kahoot! quiz.


What Is Environmental Sustainability?

Check out what makes environmental sustainability all about balance, then check your understanding with this Kahoot! quiz.


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