20 Recycling Writing Prompts to Inspire Student Writers

Great for Earth Month and all year long.

20 Recycling Writing Prompts to Inspire Student Writers


Bring recycling into the language arts classroom with these clever recycling writing prompts for students! Print the PDF below for free pages already incorporating the recycling writing prompts. Use them for daily journal entries or to inspire longer essays.


Recycling Writing Prompts


1. If there’s one thing I love most about nature, it’s…


2. What are five things you and your family could try to reuse at home?


3. Write three ways you could use less paper and paper products.


4. To reduce the amount of natural resources that need to be extracted from Earth, could you start purchasing used items or items with recycled content in them? If so, which items in your life could make the biggest impact?


5. I could use less water if I ________. Explain 3 to 5 different ways you could use less water.


6. Most people know recycling is good for the planet and the economy but they don’t always recycle everything that can be recycled. Why do you think that is the case and what could you do to convince them to recycle EVERY time?


7. Could you use less electricity? Write a few ways you and your family could do that.


8. Write five things that make the world beautiful and why you think so.


9. Imagine you are responsible for making sure every bottle and can consumed at your school gets recycled. How will you convince your friends and peers to participate?


10. I want to encourage my family to recycle more. I’ll start by…


11. You want to plant a tree. Where would you plant it and why?


12. If I had a “make the Earth more beautiful” superpower, I’d use it for…


13. Write about how your family could (or already does!) grow some of your own food.


14. We are lucky the Earth gives us…


15. You’re running for office. Write three to five slogans to encourage recycling.


16. Could you live without throwing anything into the trash for the rest of your life (by reducing your consumption, reusing materials, recycling, and composting instead)? What would be the easiest and most challenging aspects of trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle?


17. Write a letter to an elected official. What would you like to see happen to better protect our planet?


18. Write a letter to Mother Nature. What is your pledge to her?


19. If you had a box of recyclable materials, what would you invent with them?


20. If the Earth could talk, I think it would say…


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