Video: Watch This P.E. Teacher Make Incredible Recycling Trick Shots!

You won't believe his mad skills!

Video: Watch This P.E. Teacher Make Incredible Recycling Trick Shots!


Looking for new ways to get kids excited about recycling? Take a lesson from  Jonathan Hodge, a physical education teacher in Barnesville, Minnesota. He uses incredible recycling trick shots to inspire his students to go green every day. Watch the video, plus a follow up featuring his students. Then challenge your students to come up with their own incredible recycling trick shots!


More Recycling Games and Activities to Try


If your kids love to get up and move, use that enthusiasm to fire them up for recycling too. We’ve got a big selection of recycling games and activities that will get active students excited to get involved. Give some of these a try with your own class.


  • Recycle and Roll: Make giant dice out of cardboard boxes with our free printables. Roll the dice, then follow the directions to deposit your item in the recycling bin. Hop like a bunny, crawl like a cat, or even wiggle like a worm!
  • Recycling Corn Hole: Build a corn hole top to add to your recycling bin, then see who can score the most points.
  • Basketball Recycling: Add a basketball hoop to your bin, and shoot to score!
  • Giant Recycle Drop: Use your DIY skills to build a recycle drop game that’s full of fun and suspense.
  • Football Recycling: Set up goalposts for your recycling bin, then take to the field and go green!

Other Plastic Bottle Activities


Recycling plastic bottles is a great way to help the environment. But you can also clean and save them to use for crafts and projects. Here are a few to try.


Recycling Trick Shots

Recycling Trick Shots 2

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