Use This Recycling Task List to Keep Your School on Track

Keep track of the who, what, and when.

Use This Recycling Task List to Keep Your School on Track


There are lots of tasks that come with a school recycling program! Use this recycling task list to determine the recycling schedule that works best for you. We’ve provided examples of what daily, weekly, and monthly recycling schedules could look like. The final page is blank, so you can customize it for your own school.


Recycling Task List Examples


These are some of the tasks you might include on your list. Tip: Use different color pens to help organize or define areas of activity!


  • Empty bins, replace bags, and transport recyclables from bins to recycling storage area.
  • Sort recyclables and tally recycling totals on a tally sheet.
  • Clean up the sortation area.
  • Enter recycling totals into Recycle Rally account.
  • Move recycling bins to appropriate locations for special events.
  • Promote recycling by decorating bins, adding signs, or attending to the bins during busy periods, such as lunch.
  • Pick up the materials stored in the trailer and haul to recycling center.

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Try these ideas and tips for setting up and maintaining an efficient school recycling program.


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Recycling Task List & Schedule

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