Free Printable: Audit Your School Recycling Bins To See How You Can Improve

Use our recycling bin audit form to evaluate your recycling program.

Free Printable: Audit Your School Recycling Bins To See How You Can Improve


Do you have enough recycling bins? Are they in the right places? This recycling bin audit form can help you evaluate your school’s bin placement.


Who Can Perform a Recycling Bin Audit?


Anyone! Ideally, kids should be involved in (or even in charge of) the process. Science classes, Green Teams, or student councils are all terrific options.


How to Perform a Recycling Bin Audit:


  • Print the Recycle Rally Recycling Bin Audit form below. Refer to the Sample page for assistance as you work.
  • Sketch your school’s basic layout in the space provided. (Tip: For Larger schools, use one page per floor or building.) Don’t forget outdoor spaces like playgrounds or sports fields.
  • Number the rooms and list them in the School Layout section.
  • For each room, count the number of trash cans and recycling bins and list them on the form. Use the Brief Description section to note where the cans and bins are located in each room.


How to Use Your Audit Results:


  • Review the overall numbers. Are there more trash cans than recycling bins? Are the recycling bins large enough to handle the amount of material? Determine how many more recycling bins your school might need.
  • Review the placement of bins. Are bins located in convenient spots? What can you do to help make it easier for people to use them? Make a plan for new bin placement by marking locations on the map you’ve drawn.
  • Finally, get and place new bins if needed. As you accumulate Recycle Rally reward points, you can redeem them for new recycling bins.

Bin Audit Form

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