How To Create a Green Club Agenda for Your First Meeting

Everything you need to get things started.

Ready to get your school Green Club started? First meetings can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Consider these items as you prepare your Green Club agenda.


Green Club 101

Give background on the club. Then provide an overview of what you expect the group to be doing during the school year. For more on Green Club goals, see our free guide to starting a Green Team at your school. You’ll also get tips for recruiting members, enlisting support from faculty and staff, and getting the word out.



Invite team members to introduce themselves and tell the team why they’re passionate about protecting the environment.


Icebreaker Activity

Introduce an activity to help students feel comfortable and get to know one another. We’ve got three great icebreakers for your Green Club agenda, including a Fun Fact Guessing Game, Getting-To-Know-You Bottle Toss, and a Recycling Team Challenge.


Brainstorm Goals

Ask students to share what they would be motivated to work on. That way, the team can work toward these goals throughout the year. Need some inspiration? Find out what zero-waste schools are doing!


Discuss Team Roles

Talk about what roles are available for students to fill. Have students write down what roles interest them. Possible roles include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Promoters/Advocates, Artist/Designer, Writer, Technology Guru, and Photographer. Learn more here.


Develop a Campaign

Develop plans for a campaign to spread the word about your key messages and goals. Some ideas: Get students to take a recycle pledge, make PSA videos, make and hang posters, or hold a competition. Find all of these and more here!


Set the Stage for the Next Meeting

Talk about the next group gathering so team members can prepare and look forward to it.


Encourage students to take on responsibility! This Free Recycling Playbook for Teen Leaders will get them started.

First Green Team Meeting Agenda

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