Try These Green Team Roles With Your Students

President is just the start.

Try These Green Team Roles With Your Students


Getting ready to start a Green Team at your school? Increase student engagement and give them a sense of ownership with these Green Team Roles.


Green Team Roles



Runs team meetings and is likely an older, more experienced participant.


Vice President

Helps support the president in running meetings and promotes unity amongst the team.



Takes notes and attendance during Green Team meetings. Keeps track of upcoming team outings and events.



Keeps track of all funds or rewards points, inventories, supplies, and progress toward related goals.



Take the lead in getting the message out to the rest of the school and/or community.



Creates posters to hang around the school.



Writes articles about what the team is doing for the school newspaper or newsletter.


Technology Guru

Runs the team’s social media accounts.



Captures photos of the team’s events.


More Green Team Resources


Use these free resources to make your Green Team a sure-fire success!


Free Guide: How to Start a Green Team at Your School

Everything you need to start a Green Team! Learn how to get administration buy-in, plus find ways to recruit and engage students.


Printable Flyer: Join Our Green Team!

Print and hang this free flyer around school to invite new members.


Free Printable: Green Team Banner

Print this banner on regular printer paper, then cut it out and glue it together. Hang it high to tell everyone you’re going green!


How to Create An Agenda For Your School Green Team

Not sure what a meeting should look like? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Try One of These Recycling Icebreakers

Open your first meeting with one of these fun getting-to-know-you games. Each one has a recycling theme.


Plus, get more terrific ideas for your school’s Green Team on our School Recycling Resources page!

Green Team Members Roles

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