6 Questions Schools Should Ask About Going Green

Get the conversation started.

6 Questions Schools Should Ask About Going Green


Is your school making a commitment to going green? Get the conversation going with these six questions.


1. Could your school be recycling unique materials, like school supplies or cafeteria trays?

Do an Internet search for programs that accept non-traditional recyclables. Some may even offer rewards for doing so!

2. Can you educate students, staff, and faculty about environmentally-friendly behaviors to try on their own?

Encourage your team to organize a walk, bike, or carpool to school day.

3. Can you reduce litter by increasing recycling in areas outside of the building? (Think playgrounds, sporting fields, or parking lots.)

Recycle Rally provides an easy way to track your recycling of bottles and cans. It also tells you interesting facts about your impact on the environment.

4. Are there any open spaces your school could use to improve its environmental footprint?

Could you plant a vegetable garden or a rain garden?

5. What are the ways you can conserve water at your school?

Could you place rain barrels outside the school to harvest rainwater?

6. Can your school reduce or repurpose solid waste?

Could you set up a composting station in your cafeteria for your local garden?

Need more help going green? Use Recycle Rally to set up a school-wide recycling program!

Thought-Starters to Get Your School to Go Green

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