Video: Show Kids How Easy Recycling at School Really Is

Teach them how to close the loop.

Video: Show Kids How Easy Recycling at School Really Is


This recycling video shows kids it’s easy to make recycling at school part of your daily routine. Learn how to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper, and more.


Recycling at School


So you’re at school, and you decide to get a drink from the vending machine. You start thinking about all your choices. But what you’re not thinking about are the plastic bottles and aluminum cans they come in. Whatever choice you make at the vending machine, choose to recycle its container when you’re done.


Recyclable things are all around you, from classrooms to the halls and lunchrooms, and in the fields and parking lots. Plus, recycling at school is easy. Before you toss a plastic or glass bottle, aluminum can, paper, or other materials like school supplies in the trash, take a second and look around for a recycling bin. Chances are, there’s one nearby. You can also help out by picking up recyclables off the ground. Pick it up, check for a recycling symbol, and drop it in the bin.


Things that get placed into recycling bins go to recycling centers and reprocessing centers to be turned into something new, closing the loop. Aluminum cans go on to become airplanes, bicycles, or new cans. And plastic bottles can be made into t-shirts, carpets, sports equipment, or new bottles. Help close the loop and make an impact by recycling at school.


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