These Recycling Hidden Pictures Are So Much Fun

Can students find all the hidden items?

These Recycling Hidden Pictures Are So Much Fun


Looking for a creative way to teach students about what they can and can’t recycle? Try these recycling hidden pictures! There are two options to explore: a cafeteria scene and a playground scene.


Ideas For Using Recycling Hidden Pictures in Class


These free printable worksheets have lots of uses. Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • Break your class into teams, and hold a contest to see which team can find all the hidden items first.
  • Have students color in each item as they find it. Color each type of item with a different hue (blue for plastic, red for paper, etc.).
  • Add a writing component by having students make up a story about each scene.
  • Bring math into the picture by graphing or tallying the number of each type of item in each scene.
  • Project a scene onto your whiteboard and have kids come up to circle items as your class finds them together.
  • Dig deeper and look for items in the scene that might be made from recycled or reused materials.
  • Let students sketch in their own recyclable items to add to the scene.

More Fun Recycling Activities


If you enjoyed these recycling hidden pictures, here are some more free printable activities to try.


Recycling Writing Prompts

Bring recycling into the language arts classroom with these clever recycling writing prompts for students. They include free printable writing pages.


Simple Acts, Big Impact Coloring Page

Hold a coloring contest with this free coloring printable.


Recycling Crossword Puzzle

This fun and free printable recycling crossword puzzle is a terrific addition to a science unit on going green.


Recycling Word Search

Build your green vocabulary with this fun word search activity.


Recycle Bingo

Use this free printable game to teach kids all kinds of facts about recycling and its importance for the planet.

Recycling Hidden Pictures - Cafeteria Scene

Recycling Hidden Pictures - Playground Scene

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